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Making Our Food

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Our biggest opportunity to improve our impact on people and the planet is through our products.

We look for ingredients, manufacturing partners, and packaging materials that have a positive impact on farmers, communities, animals, the environment, and you. We strive to ensure that our products meet the high standards that we and our bunny families share.

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We focus our sustainable ingredient sourcing efforts on 10 key ingredients, selected based on volume and risk, to maximize our impact. We set minimum requirements for each of these ingredients to help us reach four key sourcing goals: increase organic agriculture, ensure transparency, provide assurance through third-party certifications, and measure impact at the farm level.

Our Top Ingredients

Learn more about some of our top ingredients below. For more details on ingredients, visit our FAQ page.

Visit the FAQ page
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    Wheat & Oats

    We continue to prioritize organic wheat and partner with the U.S. Organic Grain Collaborative.

  • Farmer carrying sugarcane

    Sugar Cane

    99% of our sugarcane is Certified Organic. We prioritize organic sugar, which helps protect farm workers from exposure to harmful pesticides.

  • Assortment of whole Cacao and ground Cacao


    We source from suppliers who ensure that the cacao farmers are using responsible labor practices, 99% of our cacao is certified organic.

  • Cows standing on a farmland


    We’re committed to working with dairy partners who set high standards for animal welfare and sustainable agriculture. That’s why we prioritize working with dairy co-operatives and family farmer groups, including Organic Valley.

  • Hens surrounding a basket of eggs

    Eggs & Meat

    We are deeply committed to animal welfare whenever we source dairy, eggs, and meat. All our eggs are cage-free, and all meat is produced without any added hormones or sub-therapeutic use of antibiotics. 

  • A cluster of Palm trees

    Palm Oil

    We are committed to sourcing responsible palm oil. In 2019, we verified that 100% of the directly sourced palm oil used in our products meets the Roundtable in Sustainable Palm Oil standard. More than 99% of our palm oil is certified organic.

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We know that packaging plays a critical role in preserving the safety, nutrition, and quality of the food we make. It also presents sustainability challenges through the materials used in products and the waste generated when improper disposal occurs. That’s why we’re committed to designing our packaging in a way that has a positive impact on people and planet.

We aim to lower our packaging footprint by thoughtfully optimizing design, sourcing sustainable materials, and ensuring proper recovery of our packaging. We hold ourselves accountable not only for how we make our products, but what happens to them after they’re enjoyed.

90% of our packaging is recyclable or compostable and 100% of our products carry the How2Recycle label so it’s easy-peasy for you to choose the right bin!

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Annie’s works with manufacturing partners who help us by mixing ingredients, assembling packaging, and more. We search for partners who are aligned with our values and goals around environmental and social responsibility.

Our partners agree to a strict Code of Conduct. We develop strong relationships with our suppliers, enabling us to prioritize energy and water efficiency, waste reduction, and fair treatment of workers.


We strive to source from producers that use third-party certifications to provide transparency and accountability that ingredients are produced in alignment with our values.

Here are some of the certifications you’ll see on our packages:

  • fair trade logo
  • biologique canada logo
  • non gmo project logo
  • whole grain logo
  • certified gluten free logo


We take allergies very seriously, and our most updated allergen information is always on the package. If you have concerns or questions regarding allergens, reach out to our Consumer Relations team on our contact us page.

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