Strengthening Animal Welfare

Annie’s is committed to high animal welfare standards for all our products that use dairy, meat or eggs. We do this first and foremost by prioritizing certified organic ingredients. The organic standard has several requirements when raising animals, but the underlying goal is to ensure systems health. In this case, it includes health of the animal, as well as the land. In practice, different farming operations fulfill this goal in different ways. However, the standard requires several key points, including “…year-round access for all animals to the outdoors, shade, shelter, exercise areas, fresh air, clean water for drinking, and direct sunlight, suitable to the species, its stage of life, the climate, and the environment…” [CAN/CGSB 32.310-2015]. Organic also guarantees at least 120 days on pasture for grazing animals (like cows) and all feed must be certified organic. Furthermore, because organic emphasizes good animal management, including low-stress handling, good nutrition and living conditions, it promotes animal health and helps to prevent disease. Because of this focus on prevention through better management, organic animals are not given antibiotics or added hormones.

When we’re not able to source certified organic ingredients, we set a minimum standard that must be met. For Annie’s, this means:

  • -No sub-therapeutic antibiotics
  • -No added hormones
  • -Cage-free eggs
  • -No animals from genetically engineered sources

Over the long term, we want to grow more partnerships with farmers who maintain and enhance strong standards for animal welfare. As we continue to grow, you can expect even more responsible ingredients that support healthy and humane conditions for animals and responsible land management practices.